The CandEs Shop Talk With Soo Bong Peer (#138) CandEs Shop Talk Podcast welcomes Soo Bong Peer, author of The Essential Diversity Mindset: How to Cultivate a More Inclusive Culture and Environment. Soo is also a diversity strategy consultant and executive coach to multinational corporations who helps organizations build authentic paths to diversity. Listen in on how improving candidate experience impacts […]

#283: Employee Experience and Communication Through Crisis w/ Chris Lee, Gallagher

HR Chat podcast in some places around the world there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, for numerous others, the Covid restrictions very much continue to impact their family and work lives on a daily basis. Bill's returning guest is Chris Lee, VP of Communications at Gallagher. In […]

Should Political Views be Reason Not to Hire with Bianca Lager is very possible to share the same core values, yet differ in our religious or political views. This, we must understand when hiring new people. Now you might be thinking something like “we have a really harmonious team and we don’t want someone who will be bringing their strong […]

New Ideas Procedures today’s episode I breakdown what more organizations should do when it comes to receiving cycling through new ideas! Unpacking the benefits … unpacking the wins , unpacking the objective cool moments that can occur Go to Podcast/Show Page

Episode 165 – Jon & Wendy talk to Gary Cookson’re joined by Gary Cookson, Director of EPIC HR in Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom.  We talk about why Gary went out on his own, what Gary believes HR pros’ biggest issue post COVID will be, speaking in couplets, and crown green bowling.  It’s a tremendous conversation with yet another Cookson […]

Greatest Hits Vol. 2: Ten More Pearls of Recruiting Wisdom to Enlighten and Entertain. Thanks to the incredible reception to our previous episode featuring 13 pearls of wisdom courtesy of previous guests, we’ve collected ten more short quotes from some of the earliest conversations we had on the podcast. This week's episode includes clips from Marcus’s conversations with Julie Coucoules, Casey Jacox, Adriaan […]

Defining and Finding Holistic Wellness with Sara Bradley Laws interviews Xenium’s own Sara Bradley, an HR Account Representative and solid resource for learning how to pursue a life of wellness. The two cover topics such as self-care, work-life balance, and workplace initiatives to promote wellness in the lives of employees. Your busy schedule doesn’t have to dictate […]

DE&I: What Gets Measured Gets Done w/ Annie Lin

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Lin, VP of People for Lever, joins us for a discussion about connecting your company’s DE&I priorities with action. In this wide-ranging discussion, Annie shares some tips for reducing bias in hiring, explains why it’s vital for companies to acknowledge employees’ gender […]

[Interview] Tom and Catherine Kosnik, Founders, Visus Group Do you belong to a mastermind group?   Way back in 1925, author Napoleon Hill coined the term mastermind group. And in his book Think and Grow Rich, he talks about the importance of mastermind groups – putting two or more people together in harmony to solve problems.   […]

Jackye Clayton is Inclusive AF We’ve made significant progress making our workplaces more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, right? Not so fast, says Jackye Clayton, DEI strategist at Seekout and cohost of the Inclusive AF podcast. The industry vet joins the boys for a reality check and a deep dive into what’s wrong with the […]

Hiring for Security, A Streamlined System Aligned to Company Values – Diana Trasolini from Paladin Security

Max: Hello and welcome back to the Recruitment Hackers podcast. I’m your host Max Armbruster and today on the show, I’m pleased to welcome Diana Trasolini from Paladin Security, Vice President of People and culture at Paladin Security, which is a company that hires, well as the name suggests, hires […]

#282: Traditional Leadership is Dead w/ David Sturt, O.C. Tanner

HR Chat podcast this HRchat interview, we delve into practical, research-based advice on how to create a culture by design. Bill Banham's guest is David Sturt, Executive Vice President at O.C. Tanner, a $500+ million global recognition and workplace culture company offering a suite of employee experience apps and solutions that connect […]