SAP, Microsoft Teams, Textio, the joint employer rule, overtime, ageism, and plenty of funding

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SAP, Microsoft Teams, Textio, the joint employer rule, overtime, ageism, and plenty of funding – This is what we look at today on this episode of the BARF. This weeks takeaways: SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Teams Partnership: Now, Microsoft Teams users can access performance management features through the app, thanks […]

Redefining Leadership with Barbie – A Conversation with Cerys Goodall

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO–a-conversation-with-cerys-goodall.mp3🎙️ Join us on DriveThrHR as we dive into an enlightening discussion with Cerys Goodall, COO of Vetster, about the surprising and insightful parallels between the recent “Barbie” movie and today’s corporate culture. 🌟 Episode Highlights: Breaking the Mold: Explore how “Barbie” challenges […]

HR Work Break: Trends, Technology, and the Future of Hiring of applicants say that they would discourage others from applying to a company based on a bad recruiting experience. In today’s market, businesses must invest in the candidate experience, technology, and the human element to successfully acquire today’s top talent. As part of HRDA’s Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week […]

Overcoming the Roadblocks to a Better Employee Experience the Roadblocks to a Better Employee Experience Host: Mervyn Dinnen Guest: Kate Featherstone, Product Manager at MHR In this episode Mervyn Dinnen talks to Kate Featherstone, Product Manager at HR Software specialists MHR, about their latest research into improving employee experience. During the conversation they discuss: Why employee experience is so […]

Checkr Layoffs is reporting that Checkr, a 10-year-old employee background check company  which was last valued at $5 billion has laid off 382 employees as companies are not significantly hiring talent. Tech company Multiverse has acquired Searchlight, a talent intelligence and skills assessment platform that uses AI to help companies […]

The Employee Experience: How to Map & Execute a Successful Journey

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO this episode, we crack open how to build and facilitate an excellent employee experience through savvy technology. Join us for thoughtful insights into how to map and execute an employee journey that meets people where they are. By using marketing principles, HR […]

Steve Boese on Tech Disengagement in a Multigenerational Workforce

Tech disengagement happens when tools intended to make our work easier actually make things more difficult. It compounds what we do, forcing us to find workarounds or abandon the tech outright. How can you bridge the gap between technology and business needs? On this episode of the HR Break Room® […]

LinkedIn Streaming: A Love Story Fraught with Technical Difficulties This week, the boys discuss the recent layoffs at Checkr and the launch of connected TV (CTV) and live event ads on LinkedIn. They speculate on Checkr’s future and the potential for LinkedIn to tap into the B2B market with video advertising. They also highlight the importance of targeting […]

Multiverse Senior Director of Global Talent Veronica Salcido Salcido is the Senior Director of Global Talent at Multiverse, and she joins us to share the defining moment in her life when she chose to decline a string of amazing job offers to sell her possessions and climb Machu Pichu. While acknowledging the privileged position she found herself […]

Shredded: LinkedIn, Homebase, Cariloop, Multiverse, CareerArc, Lumina, StepsConnect & More The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase. Go To Podcast/Show Page

Unleashing Better Leaders and Workplaces Insights from Former WD40 CEO Garry Ridge

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CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO this episode, Vivian Blade talks with guest Garry Ridge, chairman emeritus of WD-40 Company and founder of The Learning Moment, about the importance of company culture in today’s workplace. They discuss the impact of culture on employee engagement and retention, the essential […]

ICC 4-7, Episode #7, Dr. Geneva, Leadership Expert, Vibrant Life Coach & Author.

career club podcast Leadership expert and Vibrant Life coach Dr. Geneva Jones Williams, widely known as Dr. Geneva, is a pioneer in driving transformative change across the nonprofit and entrepreneurial landscapes.  She was Detroit United Way’s first female executive and served on boards under five Michigan governors and five Detroit mayors, Dr. Geneva […]

Talent Acquisition Tales from Bar Taco with Sheri Zippo In this episode of the Chad & Cheese Podcast, hosts Joel Cheeseman and Chad Sowash dive into the world of talent acquisition with Sher Zippo, a specialist from Bar Taco, a restaurant brand renowned for its upscale casual street food and innovative service model. Zippo shares insights into Bar […]