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Ep 165 – Best of the Workology Podcast, Pt 3’s our third installment of the best of Workology Podcast series sponsored by my friends at Clear Company. I’m looking back at interviews with Scrum master Reese Schmidt, Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, Dr. Naghid Prasad and Linda Ginac. Peter Druker has a great quote that I thought really sums up this […]

Company of One: How to Create a Business That Fits Your Life and Resist the Temptation of Constant Growth | Paul Jarvis Jarvis just wrote a book called “Company of One” and sent me a copy. I read it cover to cover and found it really compelling, so we hosted him on the show.  Paul talks about a different kind of business philosophy, where more is not always better.  How do […]

665: How Retirement Changes Your Identity Amabile, professor at Harvard Business School, is approaching her own retirement by researching how ending your work career affects your sense of self. She says important psychological shifts take place leading up to, and during, retirement. That holds especially true for workers who identify strongly with their job and […]

Strong Suit 261: How To Use Google To Hire Your Next Rockstar

strong suit podcast case you missed it, Google For Jobs launched in 2018 and is quickly shaking up the way your candidates look for jobs. In fact, 73% of all job seekers start their job search on Google. But, if you’re like most employers, you’re still missing this massive opportunity to engage […]