How to reduce employee stress and anxiety during Coronavirus with Sharon Kittredje, VP of People at

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO to Sharon Kittredje, VP of People at, discuss how HR leaders can help employees navigate this new normal during Covid-19. What you’ll learn from this episode: What is and is not working in their employee response plan.What employees are doing to […]

Three Steps to Ensure a Quick and Efficient HR Payroll System

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Payroll system management is probably the most demanding task for many organizations. Although some companies tend to think that making timely payments is achieving an efficient payroll system. On the contrary, achieving an efficient system entails many complicated processes. These can include tax […]

HR Works 111: Applying Paramedic Concepts to HR

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO is the HR professional that was formerly a firefighter paramedic and hazardous materials engineer. One such individual found that much of what he learned in his former careers gave him the tools he needed to meet the many challenges that he faced […]

Strategic Teams with Dan Wolf

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO’ve all had the experience of being in a team, where everyone and everything is just not working harmoniously together. What do you do in those times when you’re involved in a team that doesn’t match your interest? How do you avoid issues […]

240 – Making Intelligent Financial Decisions During the Coronavirus Pandemic, with Aaron Velky and Joey Price

CLICK MP3 LINK TO STREAM this episode? Why not send me a tweet or DM and Subscribe! iTunes: Spotify: Podbean: RSS:   Get My Free Course Here!    Sponsors: HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses and Companies –  Become a Patreon Member and Help the Show Grow –   – Mama, I […]

We Only Want The Party

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Ruff doesn’t take the bait but does shoot straight during this VOICES episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Where we talk about: – Advertising is a distraction – Humans want the party, not the clean-up – Changing the economy – Paperless […]

109: Leaders with Heart Often Find Their “Why” Through Their Adversity this episode, Heather Younger speaks to Kirk Adams, President and CEO of American Foundation for the Blind about his unique journey as a blind person for most of his life, how that frames his leadership style and a time when he was not the best version of himself. In […]

WOH 78: Families First Coronavirus Response Act – What Employers Need to Know“Here’s my general advice for businesses–don’t be afraid to get help.” In recent weeks a flurry of legislative activity has led to numerous laws to help employers and businesses dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act is a big part of the activity. What does […]

Which HR tools will help you manage your remote workforce during Coronavirus

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO to Phil Strazzulla, Founder of Select Software Reviews, discuss which types of HR tech can help hire, engage and retain your workforce during Coronavirus. What you’ll learn in this episode: Which type of HR tech tools can help manage employees remotely.What are […]

HRchat Podcast Interview with Jesse Ryan: The Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian HR and Recruitment

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO More than 1 million Canadians have applied for employment insurance in the past two weeks! Emergency measures from the Canadian federal government include an $82-billion financial rescue package, including $27 billion in direct financial aid to households and businesses, extending unemployment benefits to […]

Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Miller #19

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Miller #19 Nick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Scott Miller who serves as FranklinCovey’s executive vice president of thought leadership. He is the host of On Leadership with […]

101: The World of Work In the Face of a Global Pandemic with Kate Bischoff

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Rock HR Episode 101:    This episode covers some of your questions about Coronavirus and how your employer should and shouldn’t behave. To help me explore this topic, Minneapolis-based employment attorney, Kate Bischoff joins me. She’s an expert on work and in […]

Being Productive And Focused While Sheltering In Place

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO deep below the surface of the earth in a studio sound-proofed with extra toilet paper. We talk with Chris Bailey on how to adjust to the challenges and stressors of working in a shelter in place world. Chris Bailey is a Productivity […]