Month: July 2018

#150 – How to Prioritize Relationships in a Transaction-Based Business

In fast-paced, commoditized industries, it’s easy to lose sight of bigger company values when we’re intently focused on getting to our next transactions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Brad Compere, CEO and founder of Capstone Title, a full-service title insurance company based in Austin, Texas, joins us […]

We’re Only Human 39: Ohio Living Serves 70,000 Clients Annually with Core Values

Do you know the core values of your business? Do your employees? More importantly, do they live them?  In today’s episode, Ben interviews Dana Ullom-Vucelich, Chief Human Resources Officer and Ethics Officer at Ohio Living. Ohio Living provides services to a range of individuals, reaching more than 70,000 clients per […]

RecTech Headlines: LinkedIn, Facebook, Emissary

Welcome to RecTech Headlines powered by, a short news segment about important news recruiters need to know. From time to time we’ll be sharing important tools tips and tactics for online recruiting success. Signup for the daily newsletter on to get all the days top stories. Go To Podcast […]

How to Find the Power in Your Challenges with Larissa Conte of Wayfinding

small business hiring with brad owens How does your organization react when the going gets tough? My guest today, Larissa Conte, has some thoughts on how you should prepare your business and your culture for the challenges that lie ahead. More from Larissa: Book a time to ask Brad a question here: Connect […]