Day: February 5, 2019

L.T. Ladino Bryson and Jill Christensen – 02/05/2019

This episode of TalentTalk features L.T. Ladino Bryson, the Co-Founder and CEO of and Jill Christensen, Employee Engagement Expert. L.T. talks about herself as an “employment therapist” as well recruiting through and how the differentiators of this product set it apart from others in the marketplace. Jill talks […]

Talent Management: How HR Technology Transforms the Employee Experience

Guest: Jason Lauritsen, employee engagement expert and author of Unlocking High Performance: How to Use Performance Management to Engage and Empower Employees to Reach Their Full Potential  In a recent Deloitte survey, 79% of global executives rated agile performance management as a high priority for their organizations. With the digital […]