Month: October 2020

[InSights] When will Google stop breaking our hearts?

CLICK MP3 LINK TO STREAM NOW Welcome to InSights, the staffing podcast designed to help staffing specialists and recruiters maximize their content marketing, social recruiting, employer branding, and digital marketing.    EPISODE 51 SEGMENTS: Is Linkedin’s algorithm making it impossible to share content? A thought on Position 0 on google… Stuck in […]

Episode 22: On the Precipice—The Future of Data Science & AI in Recruiting

Episode Description This week we welcome Morgan Llewellyn to the podcast. As a trained data scientist, Morgan shares his wealth of experience from a career spanning multiple industries, with stints at Calgent, Salesforce, KSM Consulting, Predictive Partner, and eventually Jobvite, where he currently serves as Chief Data Scientist. Topics include: […]

270 – How to Make the Most of Your Income, w/Patrick Chandler and Joey Price

CLICK MP3 LINK TO STREAM Like this episode? Why not send me a tweet or DM and Subscribe! iTunes: Spotify: Podbean: RSS:   Brand NEW Show with Joey Price:  WINNING AT WORK Live Episodes Every Wednesday at 4 PM EST   Want To Know What It Takes To Be A Better Entrepreneur? Check […]

Ep 307: Transforming Talent Acquisition

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO In previous episodes of the show, we’ve talked about the reinvention of talent acquisition and what it takes to be world-class. Behind any significant reinvention lies a transformation process of people, practices and purpose. So how are employers approaching recruiting transformation and what […]