Month: March 2021

What Newsworthy Change Does to Employer Brand Visibility

A company founded in the 1880s is making headlines in 2021, thanks to its sustainability efforts. Ball Corporation, which consumers may know as the manufacturer of the classic Mason jar, just saw its name added to a local landmark and launched an “infinitely recyclable” new product—all while growing at a […]

Hire Internal Employees to Drive Engagement and Career Ownership with Jerome Ternynck on We're Only Human

“The platform was up and running literally weeks after the pandemic hit. And through this platform they saved 2,000 jobs, so it’s also about saving jobs by redeploying people effectively when the times are needed.” Jerome Ternynck, Founder and CEO, SmartRecruiters   We’re Only Human — Episode 111   In […]

A Time of Opportunity: The Current State of the Digital Transformation

Guest: Sharlyn Lauby, founder of HR Bartender The events of 2020 exerted profound shifts in the way we think about work, including the technology we use to get our jobs done. But even as we enter the spring of 2021, a surprising number of organizations lag behind in their prioritization […]

Promoting Workplace Wellness with Diane Schwartz

In this episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast, Brandon Laws talks with Diane Schwartz, CEO of Ragan Communications and the Workplace Wellness Insider. They dig deep into COVID-19’s effects on important issues like mental health, workplace connection, and the employee-employer alignment of values. Wondering what changes are coming? Tune […]