Day: March 17, 2021

“How COVID can highlight your workforce blindspots” with Everett Marshall

Everett Marshall, Human Resources Director at The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc., discusses how COVID can highlight your workforce blindspots. Welcome Everett Marshall to today’s podcast! We discuss how COVID can highlight your workforce blindspots, so you can remedy them! What you’ll learn from this episode: First, how did he […]

Larry Olsen and Maurice Fuller 03/09/21

We’re getting extra geeky on this episode of Talent Talk with PeopleG2 CEO and host, Chris Dyer, and astute guests, Larry Olsen, Aperneo CEO; and Maurice Fuller, StaffingTec Founder. We went deep diving into corporate geekery with a discussion on performance-driven neurology, company culture, staffing technology, and other leadership considerations.  First up, Corporate […]