Day: June 7, 2021

How PE-Backed CEO Rolled Up 9 Companies (Recruit Rockstars 403)

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Shawn Boom, CEO of Vanco, is crystal clear about the companies’s “Why” – Serve those who enrich communities Based near Minneapolis, Vanco delivers online payment processing solutions & software that enables churches, schools, and nonprofit to operate more efficiently. In short, they can accept electronic payments from students, parents, patrons, […]

Thinking With Real Data: The Lost Interviews #4 – Andrew Gadomski

There’s analytics. There’s metrics. And then there’s the magic and insight than Andrew creates every day. Prepare to have your mind blown (in a good way). You can connect with Andrew on LinkedIn: Show Notes! Employer Brand Headlines is the #1 employer brand newsletter. It’s free. Go sign up: […]

The Power of Impact: The Lost Interviews #3 – Jill Dudones

I love talking about employer branding with people who aren’t IN employer brand exclusively. That’s why chatting with Jill was such a hoot. She has perspective and experience to burn, and it shows in this amazing chat. You can connect with Jill on LinkedIn: Show Notes! Employer Brand Headlines […]