Day: June 10, 2021

The HR Hierarchy of Needs: Insights and Strategies for Reaching the Top

Guest: Amy Edmondson, Ph.D., Harvard Business School professor of leadership and management From lack of time to lack of C-suite buy-in, there’s no shortage of reasons HR professionals might find themselves feeling more than a little frustrated — or even stuck — in their roles. In fact, in a role […]

When Human Progress Is the Center of Your Employer Brand

Merck Group has dedicated itself to furthering human progress through science and technology. It’s a lofty mission and one its team takes very seriously, particularly employer brand leader Chris Dinwiddy. As Global Head of Employer Brand and Social Media Recruitment, Dinwiddy is responsible for bringing Merck Group’s EVP to markets […]

Radical Research 10 – Can Talent Acquisition Bring Candidates Joy?

Host: Madeline Laurano Guests: George LaRocque, Gina Alioto Although the talent acquisition experience has improved over the past few years, it still creates frustration and inefficiencies for both candidates and employers. And while 68% of companies are committed to improving these experiences in 2021, they often fall short. Madeline Laurano, […]

Fair Pay Fails, EEOC and AI, LinkedIn Pays ERG Leads and 'Interchangeable Asian'

Torin and Julie jump right into this week’s big DEIB stories. Amazon auto-enrolls you in internet sharing with your neighbors, EEOC Commissioner, Keith Sonderling, calls out the significant implications of programmatic and AI driven job advertising related to Federal Civil Rights laws, FINALLY. LinkedIN invests by increasing pay of ERG […]