Day: July 22, 2021

Marcus Edwardes: How to Prepare a Candidate for Interview Success!

This week on Recruiting Trailblazers, Marcus delivers a short episode on his interview preparation strategy for candidates.Marcus explains the importance of the Interview Prep call – from both a relationship-building/cementing and a strategic point of view.Quite simply – it revolves around 3 keywords – Vision, Culture, and Role.  Marcus gives […]

S08E08 – HR Rescue: Preventing and Correcting Discrimination and Harassment in a Remote Environment

HR Rescue Podcast

While remote work offers many benefits for both employees and employers alike, the lack of visibility can create an environment where discrimination and harassment go unnoticed and uncorrected. In addition, the blurring of boundaries between work and home may prompt some employees to engage in behavior they would avoid in […]

Inclusion Crusade 3 – Creating Successful Employee Resource Groups

Inclusion Crusade 3 – Creating Successful Employee Resource Groups Host: Sarah Morgan Guest: Janine Nicole Dennis, Owner/Chief Innovations Officer, Talent Think Innovations In this episode, host Sarah Morgan interviews Janine Nicole Dennis, Founder & CIO of Talent Think Innovations. Janine talks about how to create a successful Employee Resource Groups […]

#317: Why Embracing People Where They're at is Key to Driving Progress w/ Astrid Jorgensen, Pub Choir

HR Chat podcast

In HRchat episode 317, we get a world-famous music artist and community builder's take on why embracing people where they're at is key to driving progress, why high performance rests on a team of good players and how to bring diverse groups together to achieve inspiring performances Bill's guest is […]

Episode 178 – Jon & Wendy talk to Chris Hadley

We’re joined by Chris Hadley, Healthcare Recruiter in the Dayton, OH area.  We discuss the challenges of agency recruiting, how Chris prepared for his PHR certification test, and there’s more wrestling talk than ever before. Chris’ recommendation: (Galen Emanuele) How to reach Chris: This episode is sponsored by […]

Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Leadership Excellence with Teresa Quinlan

Mike Sipple Jr’s guest on this episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is Teresa Quinlan. Teresa is the founder of IQ+EQ=TQ. As an author, executive coach, and podcast host, Teresa is an advocate for exceptional performance. She believes that it’s our personal responsibility to use our talents to reach […]

Insider's Career Club Episide #14 Marek Brezula, Head of QA/QC, with Sindy Thomas

career club podcast

Ever wonder how a drug gets approved?  Marek Brezula, Head of QA/QC at InCarda Therapeutics will share his career journey with us.   Did you know that hundreds of potential new drug candidates fail each year?   Your medicines go through a  lot before you can take them.  You'll get first-hand insight […]