Day: October 14, 2021

Ep 381: People First Automation

Recruiting automation via conversational AI is proving to be an effective way to help solve some of the unique challenges in today’s talent markets. But how are employers actually using it, what benefits are they getting, and how do they manage the balance between humans and machines. My guest this […]

Marcus Edwardes: The Stoic Recruiter – Doing the Work, Avoiding Procrastination

This week, Marcus invokes the Stoics once more and takes a look at the concept of deep work avoidance and recruiter procrastination. Marcus posits that most recruiters are drawn to the activities that yield the most immediate reward and seemingly the most urgent – but sometimes to the detriment of […]

#348: Crossover Special with Jamie Allison Featuring Digit Murphy, RUTH

HR Chat podcast

In this special crossover podcast episode with Jamie Allison, host of the Big Idea Big Moves podcast, we speak to the leader of an organization that, among other things, helps women professional athletes leverage the skills they’ve developed through high-level sports to transition into careers with top companies. Our guest […]

Making Leadership Tangible Analogies in the Arts with Julia Adolphe and Guest Host, Daniel Wachter

What is the link between composition and being a leader? Daniel Wachter’s guest on the Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast, Julia Adolphe, shares the answer in this week’s episode. Julia is a contemporary composer of classical music. She has received numerous awards, including a 2017 ASCAP Young Composer Award. In this […]