Month: November 2021

Ep 395: The Challenges Of Recruiting Recruiters

We’ve been talking continuously about challenging talent markets on this podcast since March. However, we’ve not so far mentioned the one specific skill shortage which is affecting everyone. The pressure on many employers to scale up their talent acquisition functions is immense, but hiring experienced recruiters has arguably never been […]

Ep 394: Lessons From Startups

Although I’ve tended to work with very large enterprise businesses as a consultant, I’ve always been fascinated by startups and the lessons larger, more established companies can learn from them. Although the actual execution will always be different, I think there are some real insights around how smaller, more agile […]

How He Became “The Student of Startups” (Recruit Rockstars 437)

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Before Disrupt & TechCrunch, there was Technori, the original startup showcase. Its Co-Founder is Scott Kitun. Based in Chicago, Technori helps promising upstart companies secure visibility & funding. If that wasn’t enough, Scott is creator & host of a nationally-syndicated crowdfunding radio show, in partnership with Republic. He’s also Co-Founder […]