Month: August 2022

Yes, YTA And Remember Snitches Get Stitches from @notshrmapproved

The SHRM Conference was a Rave party complete with smoke machines@notshrmapproved Solemnly  Swore they were up to no good and Managed Mischief Yes you snitch YTACome cry on warren’s shoulder about bereavement Anonymously leaving notes under HRs door leads to 4 years of suffering This week’s best HR practice… Have a story […]

Insider’s Career Club, Episode #15, Season 2, Career Advice to Achieve Success with Sindy Thomas

career club podcast

Get this season’s best career advice from:  a TV Broadcast Journalist; VP of HR, Bolt Therapeutics; CEO of Search Engine Optimization; CEO of the MBL Program; a Certified Public Accountant & Certified Financial Planner; a TV News Producer;  a Professional Musician and Teacher; and a Career Coach as they share […]

Crossover Episode: Previewing People and Performance Podcast Season 5 with Chris Bjorling

HR Chat podcast

In this special crossover episode Bill welcomes Chris Bjorling back to the HRchat podcast. Chris is President at Fidello, co-host of the People and Performance Podcast, and Associate Editor at the HR Gazette. Listen as Bill and Chris reflect on their recent experiences at #SHRM22 and preview what listeners can […]