Day: August 4, 2022

Uncharted Territory: How Recruiters and Candidates Interact in the Evolving World of Talent Acquisition

Guests: Tiffany McGowen, VP of Talent Acquisition Jennifer Mathew, Manager of Talent Acquisition Paycom’s Tiffany McGowen and Jennifer Mathew join host Morgan Beard to discuss talent acquisition in an ever-changing marketplace. “The first thing is acknowledging that we know it’s a different market,” said Mathew, Paycom’s manager of talent acquisition. […]

Ep 451: Building Communities Of Talent

Diversity and Inclusion strategies are often just about moving existing talent between organisations rather than growing talent pools and giving more opportunities to more people. So how should employers be thinking about diversity hiring, and what kind of organisations should they partner with to increase the spread of opportunity? My […]

Developing Emotional Intelligence with Debbie Muno, Genos North America.

HR Chat podcast

Emotional Intelligence impacts workplace performance, leadership effectiveness, retention, engagement, sales, customer service, resilience, and teamwork all outcomes that organizations are continually striving to hire for and develop. It is a measurement of our ability to recognize, respond to, and cope with emotions. While traditional corporate training programs tend to focus […]

Episode 230 – Jon & Wendy talk to Aura María Huot

We’re joined by Aura María Huot, Director of People & Culture for Lavallee Brensinger Architects in the greater Boston, MA area.  We talk about HR industry challenges, Hacking HR and launching “People & Leadership,” and more! Aura’s recommendations: (Julie Quinne)  #HRCommunity How to reach Aura: Register for Jon’s […]

Encore Episode: All Smothered in Ranch Dressing

Encore Episode due to a scheduling blunder by Warren Office Pot-Luck no-no’sCooking your thanksgiving turkey at homeThrough this pandemic some employees may find that this is not the industry for themSocial media rant gets person fired Separation announcements PTO for a work pot luckBullying in the workplace????Warren bullies PatrickCoworker eats all dayCooking […]