Day: January 23, 2023

HR Stories presents – Major Mess Ups With Minors Working

While there have been many laws instituted and policies established, there are still many instances of minors working inappropriately. In today’s episode, Chuck and John dive into multiple situations where minors were hired to work in situations that were unlawful. This can relate to hours worked or assigned tasks. Beyond the procedures you need to think about when working with minors, what should you be aware of when working with a staffing agency? Listen to find out.Chuck and John also discuss level-setting and discussion expectations with small business owners and CEOs around what they expect from HR. They go into how to approach conversations around what you, as an HR professional, are there to support. Additionally, how to make sure HR is “at the table” rather than “on the table” during important strategic discussions.LIMITED TIME through 1/25/2023 – use code PRELAUNCH to get 45% off your copy of The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists – Getting HR Right: Your Step-by-Step Reference for Avoiding Costly Mistakes. Go to HRChecklists.comJoin the HR Team of One Community on Facebook or visit and sign up for emails so you can be the first to know about new things we have coming up.You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok at @HRstoriesPodcast Don’t forget to rate our podcast, it really helps other people find it!All views expressed in the presented Stories are not necessarily that of Chuck and John. The stories are shared to present various, real-world scenarios and share how they were handled by policy and, at times, law. Chuck and John are not lawyers and always recommend working with an employment lawyer to address concerns.