Day: March 17, 2023

Parallel Expands Access to their Modern Hiring Platform for Early-stage Startups

parallel hiring platform

Parallel is expanding private beta access to their modern hiring platform built specifically for early-stage startups. Parallel allows companies to build a beautiful career brand, post jobs to niche communities, get matched & message pre-vetted talent quickly, and easily collaborate with their team to hire the best – all for […]

How Organizational Layoffs Affect Employee Well-being and Workplace Dynamics

Inclusion Crusade 11 – How Organizational Layoffs Affect Employee Well-being and Workplace Dynamics Host: Sarah Morgan Guest: Charlie Pleasant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Founder/Executive clinician of The Healing Collaborative Welcome back to the Inclusion Crusade, where I am on a mission to create workplaces where employees feel safe, seen and supported. […]

Fountain AI and Risekit DEI Funding

SEATTLE—-Karat, the interviewing company, announced the acquisition of Triplebyte’s technical assessment product and team. The acquisition adds a unique top-of-funnel, skills-based assessment to Karat’s suite of Interviewing Cloud offerings, helping organizations identify and hire the best tech talent faster, more accurately, and fairly. RiseKit, a US-based startup looking to […]

Ep 505: Accelerating Change

I always knew that the pace of change would accelerate this year, but it’s only March, and we’ve seen thousands of tech layoffs, bank failures, and the launch of ChatGPT and now ChatGPT 4. Meanwhile, businesses worldwide are still struggling to get the talent they need. The implications for Talent […]