Day: August 10, 2023

Indeed & Ziprecruiter Earnings

One Model, a people analytics software company, announced the successful completion of its growth funding round, securing a $41 million investment led by Riverwood Capital, a leading global investor in high-growth technology companies. SeekOut, the Talent Intelligence Platform, announced two new innovations to help recruiters achieve better results. First, […]

Ep 539: Building TA Technology Strategies

The amount of technology available to TA teams has exploded, and innovation is moving so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up. In a world driven by shiny objects syndrome taking a long-term strategic view when it comes to TA technologies is crucial. However, the challenges around this […]

087: Amplifying Black and Brown Voices in the Workplace with Zachary Nunn, Founder of Living Corporate

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives? I certainly have, and that’s why I invited Zach Nunn to join us today. Zach, the founder, and CEO of Living Corporate, – a diversity, equity, and inclusion digital media network that centers and amplifies black and […]