Day: November 3, 2023

Elevating the Employee Experience and Internal Comms w/ Carolyn Clark of Simpplr

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Michael and Robin are joined today by Carolyn Cross.  Carolyn is the VP of Employee Experience Strategy and Transformation at Simpplr, where she elevates the employee experience by driving innovation and revitalizing how employee communication is delivered. Prior to Simpplr, she led internal […]

Amanda Halle: Unraveling AI for TA & Recruiters.

Amanda is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Growth Partners.  She specializes in equipping people and businesses with the skills, processes, and tools to be future-ready, sustainable organizations. Her approach is anchored in fostering transparency, adaptability, and conscious decision-making, ensuring individuals and teams not only navigate but excel amidst change. […]

Office Hygiene with Brian Leafblad, Reckitt Lysol Pro Solutions

HR Chat podcast

In this episode, Bill Bnaham talks with Brian Leafblad, R&D Senior Manager, Global Business Solutions at Reckitt Lysol Pro Solutions. Questions for Brian include: What role does hygiene play in workplace wellness?How have staff expectations around workplace wellness programs evolved following the pandemic?Are clean environments still in the public consciousness? […]

[InSights] Staffing Can’t Just Be ’Fill and Bill” with Sarah Chapa, Founder of StaffEase

Welcome to InSights, the staffing podcast from Haley Marketing built to help you with your recruitment marketing and digital marketing. Whether we’re talking about digital marketing trends or what’s working right now for staffing and recruiting firms across North America, we’re here to share our InSights on how you can stand out, […]

The HR Automation Agenda: Best Practices for Efficient Processes With Steve Boese

With so many administrative duties on HR’s plates, multitasking can quickly give way to mental exhaustion and cognitive overload. The solution? Automating basic HR and payroll tasks! In the evolving world of work, automation is a double-edged sword. Sure, it opens doors to better, more efficient HR processes. But it […]