Day: November 17, 2023

Joe Kotch: Talent Acquisition, Agency Recruiting and Everything In-Between!

In this episode of ‘Recruiting Trailblazers’, host Marcus Edwardes sits down with Joe Kotch, a 30 year veteran of the recruitment industry with extensive experience across various sectors. Their engaging and insightful conversation traverses the landscape of the recruitment business; covering internal and external recruitment dynamics, relationship building, the impact […]

EarnBetter, and Twitter Job Search

Cielo is introducing a series of intelligence tools that leverage automation and AI to help companies optimize the hiring experience for all:they are calling it Digital Accelerators™. Remote, a leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, today launched a marketplace for employers and job seekers. Fully integrated […]

Why Activision Blizzard Manages 3 Employer Brands with 3 EVPs

As you can imagine, we talk about EVPs a lot on the Employer Branding Podcast. It’s a distillation of what makes your organization a good fit for potential hires. A shorthand way of saying, “these are my people.” But what if your organization comprises several business units that each do […]

HR’s Role in Promoting Financial Wellness and Reducing Money Stigma

HR Means Business 15: HR’s Role in Promoting Financial Wellness and Reducing Money Stigma Host: Mervyn Dinnen Guest: Jamie Lawrence, Head of Marketing at Bippit In this episode Mervyn talks to Jamie Lawrence from financial software specialists Bippit, about their latest research into the stigma around Financial Wellbeing in the workplace and how […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Myth of Multitasking

Stress has a sneaky way of turning into burnout before we can recognize the symptoms and take steps to protect our mental wellness. Can cutting-edge science help us regain some of our lost calm? For that answer, we turned to a leading scientist. Astrophysicist, author and all-around science ambassador Neil […]

The Alarming Invisible Costs of Brain Fatigue and Mental Health in the Workplace

geeks geezers podcast

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Growth at what cost? That’s what we unpack in this episode as Paula Allen, a data-driven strategist from TELUS Health, sounds the alarm on the alarming mental health crisis trends in today’s workplaces. We’ll explore eye-popping statistics, including the 60% of workers grappling […]