Day: May 14, 2024

Ep 614: Reinventing The Recruiting Process

The pace of change in recruiting technology continues to accelerate, and with it come opportunities to improve hiring outcomes, streamline operational efficiency, and make much-needed improvements to the candidate experience. When you add in increasing volumes of applications driven by candidate use of AI and the differing wants and needs […]

Beyond Radical Candor: Embracing Radical Respect in the Workplace with Kim Scott

In the workplace, respect and candor go hand in hand. If you’re ready to build a culture of transparency, humanity, and collaboration, don’t miss this conversation with Kim Scott, CEO coach and author of Radical Respect and Radical Candor. In this episode, you’ll learn some practical tips for embracing individuality […]

HR Works Podcast: Balancing Data with Decency in Layoffs and Return to Office (Part 2)

In part two of this two-part episode, Sam Naficy, CEO of Prodoscore, a leader in employee visibility and productivity intelligence software, discusses how HR leaders can approach layoffs with empathy and respect, best practices for maintaining trust with remaining employees during difficult times, using the layoff experience as a learning […]

Listener Q&A – We Answer Your Questions: They’re threatening to sue for wrongful termination

Send us a Text Message.Welcome to another Listener Q&A with The Team at HR Stories! Today’s episode goes into these questions:Several employees clock in early and sit around, drinking coffee and talking, prior to their shift. Are we required to pay them for this?What do you do if you start a new company and some employees do not have I-9’s or other documents?How do you handle an underperforming new hire that threatens a wrongful termination suit if they are let go?What’s your take on candidates sending “thank you” messages after a screening call?Support the Show.The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists – Getting HR Right: Your Step-by-Step Reference for Avoiding Costly Mistakes. Go to (On sale – take $100 off …only $79 ) Certified and approved for 3 SHRM Recertification Credits.Join the HR Team of One Community on Facebook or visit and sign up for emails so you can be the first to know about new things we have coming up.You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok at @HRstoriesPodcast Don’t forget to rate our podcast, it really helps other people find it!Do you have a situation or topic you’d like the team to discuss? Are you interested in having Chuck or John talk to your team or Emcee your event? You can reach the Team at for suggestions and inquiries.The viewpoints expressed by the characters in the stories are not necessarily that of The Team at HR Stories. The stories are shared to present various, real-world scenarios and share how they were handled by policy and, at times, law. Chuck and John are not lawyers and always recommend working with an employment lawyer to address concerns.