Aimwel Releases Talent Acquisition Marketing Maturity Model


Job Boards and Staffing companies simultaneously face multiple disruptions. On the Talent Supply-side, a low employment level means fewer Active Job seekers are visiting job boards, and the number of Applicants per job is declining rapidly.

On the technical side, this puts extra pressure on reaching Passive Job seekers in a world where the number of channels used for Talent Acquisition is growing. Furthermore, the tracking of campaigns is becoming exceedingly complicated due to browser tracking blockers and bot traffic.

Everyone in recruitment will face these Talent Acquisition and Technical challenges and have to respond to those changes. Job boards and Staffing companies need speed and agility to invest in the right technologies. Companies that are advancing quickly are reaping the rewards of those gains, while companies making only gradual headway are falling farther behind their more mature competitors. The diminishing role of 3rd party cookies in ’23 pushes the urgency for change.

Read the Full Report Here

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