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HR Tech Spotlight: How Humantelligence is Cracking the Culture Code with Juan Betancourt


Today’s podcast is an HR Tech Spotlight episode. The research tells us that workplaces with great cultures have higher productivity, are more innovative, and retain top talent. For many, culture seems intangible and nearly impossible to measure and change — or is it? Juan Betancourt, CEO of Humantelligence, joins Humanalytics […]

221: Leaders with Heart Don't Just want Equality, But Equity Too

In this episode, Heather sits down with Adrian Taylor, the Director of Diversity for Premier Health in Dayton, Ohio. Adrian Taylor leads programming that supports Premier’s commitment to diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on workforce diversity, supplier diversity, patient diversity, and community engagement. His commitment to diversity has even […]

How a Unique Onboarding Process Activates Twilio’s Core Values

Stephanie Alofoje was nervous. Not only did she have to build an app that interfaced with Yelp’s API, but she also had to present it to the entire organization. Plus, she’s not a developer or product manager—she’s Twilio’s Director of Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, and she was in […]