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Julie and Torin are serious about destroying the lame, losing and punitive Diversity and Inclusion narrative while chasing a narrative of ambition and freedom to explore. A bi-weekly podcast of talking truth, exploring the uncomfortable, and often ignored. Chasing solution and never hiding from behind lip service. They won’t always get it right, but they will always bring it real. Grab a latte and rock with Crazy and the King – ya heard! #crazyandtheking

Julie Ruins TikTok and Google Does it AGAIN.

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Julie and Torin dive in with TikTok’s LGBTQ “moderation standards” (aka CENSORSHIP). Then Google jumps right back into the fire with ridiculous failures of humanity…and Louisiana Pacific joins them.   PREPARE YOURSELF FOR CRAZY AND THE KING!  Follow us on Facebook: More on Torin […]