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SHRM’s Honest HR is a podcast that interviews young professionals that are making moves in the people operations space.

Michelle Kim on Supporting Employees of Color and LGBTQIA+ During the Pandemic

Employees identifying as POC and LGBTQIA+ have disproportionately experienced negative outcomes resulting from the pandemic, including higher rates of infection, greater loss of employment and AAPI discrimination. In this episode of SHRM’s Honest HR podcast, host Wendy Fong speaks with Michelle Kim, entrepreneur, writer, DE&I thought leader and CEO of […]

Todd Holzman’s Push to Rethink Leadership Development

Leadership is never just about “staying the course”. Rather, effective leadership involves actively monitoring the efficacy and impact of your decisions for the organization. Todd Holzman is an organizational leadership consultant who works with CEOs, business leaders and HR executives to simultaneously upgrade their organization's leadership capabilities and solve their […]