Category: HR After Hours

Two Human Resources professionals share their humorous trials and tribulations that could only transpire behind closed office doors.”

HR After Hours is a “Coffee Talk” format podcast in which the hosts discuss new policies, procedures, and best practices as well as how current events impact the industry and office environment. They also do deep dive episodes to include Recruiting, Onboarding, Retention, and Company Culture. These “off the cuff” and sometime humorous conversations are easy to follow and have been touted as helpful by different levels of HR Professionals.

Even though the first year was not promoted beyond their own social media pages, the team at HR After Hours is very excited to have listeners from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Africa, and New Zealand.

They are in the process of expanding and promoting their podcast and are now available on Google Play, Stitcher, Podbean, I-tunes, and Spotify.