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Paycom’s bi-monthly podcast, HR Breakroom, is hosted by business veterans and content creators, Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice. Episodes feature hard-hitting interviews with guests that occupy an array of different spaces and titles. Recent episodes include topics like sexual harassment training, corporate philanthropy, and workplace flexibility.

The HR Hierarchy of Needs: Insights and Strategies for Reaching the Top

Guest: Amy Edmondson, Ph.D., Harvard Business School professor of leadership and management From lack of time to lack of C-suite buy-in, there’s no shortage of reasons HR professionals might find themselves feeling more than a little frustrated — or even stuck — in their roles. In fact, in a role […]

Making Meaning: How to Foster Innovation at Work With Guy Kawasaki

Guest: Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva Guy Kawasaki, host of the podcast Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People, visits the HR Break Room® to share his unique insights regarding attitudes toward innovation, both as it relates to HR tech and within modern organizations as a whole. In his position as chief […]

Reconsidering HR Tech’s Impact on Employee Frustrations and the Employee Experience

Guest:  Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference program chair and HR Happy Hour podcast co-host As a challenging year forced more organizations to embrace the reality of the digital transformation in the workplace, how employees incorporate technology into processes becomes more important by the day. Steve Boese, chair of the HR […]

A Time of Opportunity: The Current State of the Digital Transformation

Guest: Sharlyn Lauby, founder of HR Bartender The events of 2020 exerted profound shifts in the way we think about work, including the technology we use to get our jobs done. But even as we enter the spring of 2021, a surprising number of organizations lag behind in their prioritization […]