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Paycom’s bi-monthly podcast, HR Breakroom, is hosted by business veterans and content creators, Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice. Episodes feature hard-hitting interviews with guests that occupy an array of different spaces and titles. Recent episodes include topics like sexual harassment training, corporate philanthropy, and workplace flexibility.

HR on Purpose: How to Boost Employee Engagement

Guest: Steve Browne, vice president of human resources at LaRosa’s Pizzeria and author of HR on Purpose: Delivering Deliberate People Passion Today’s competitive marketplace is growing and advancing faster than ever before, thanks to technology. And the demand for a people-first group like HR to step up as leaders in […]

Sparking a Revolution: Create a Remarkable Workplace Culture Through Learning

Guest: David Salyers, former vice president of marketing at Chick-fil-A and co-author of Remarkable: Maximizing Results Through Value Creation In today’s competitive market, falling behind on employee training trends can leave your organization scrambling to keep top talent. To make matters worse, a poor employee experience can create a less […]

The Future of HR: What Challenges Face the Industry?

Guest: Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender founder and ITM Group president In a business landscape forged through emerging workplace technology, the role of HR continues to evolve. So how can HR professionals bridge the gap between their people and technology to actively participate in employee experience initiatives? In this episode of […]

User Adoption: The Key to Getting Employees on Board With HR Tech

Guest: Robin Schooling, Peridus Group managing partner for HR People + Strategy Technological advancements are rapidly changing workplace communication, the employee experience and organizational culture. With people expecting more from technology’s capabilities in general, employees’ expectations of on-the-job tech also increases. As we prepare to enter a new decade, workers’ […]

Tech Connections: Applying Key Takeaways From Human Resources Conferences

Guests: Dave Ryan, Illinois State Council for the Society for Human Resource Management former director Brad Galin, Allegro HR president and principal consultant Networking at HR conferences is an integral part of your organization’s growth, helping you gain new clients and brand advocates. These conferences also provide valuable takeaways through […]

Swimming With a Shark: Barbara Corcoran Talks Strategies for Workplace Transformation

Guest: Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank A typical organization has undergone five major companywide changes in the past three years, according to Gartner, with nearly 75% expecting more transformation in the future. Even workforce demographics have recently changed, shifting to a millennial […]

An HR Break Room Take 5: Paycom’s Direct Data Exchange

You know that everything your employees do has a cost. But do you know where you’re paying twice for them to complete the same task? Do you know about the unnecessary administrative burden that keeps HR from creating and implementing company strategies, engaging with employees and addressing critical workforce issues? Many paths […]

The Future Is Now: Leading a Digital Transformation for HR

Guest: Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference co-chair and HR Happy Hour co-host An International Data Corporation study found that 85% of enterprise decision-makers say they have two years to make significant progress toward a digital transformation or they will fall behind competitors. With Ernst & Young reporting a cost of […]

Happy Employees: Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Company Culture

Guest: Jenn Lim, Delivering Happiness CEO and co-founder   Low employee engagement costs U.S. organizations up to $550 billion annually, according to Gallup. And with Gallup also reporting highly engaged teams generate 21% greater profitability, fostering an organization of happy people is more important than ever. How can organizations meet […]