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The HR Rescue podcast is hosted by Human Resource expert Jenni Stone MHRM, SHRM-CP, PHR where she addresses some of the most common HR issues within every small business. Whether you are a newly certified HR professional, business owner or office manager these simple tips can help keep your business in compliance and help prevent a minor issue from becoming a serious problem.

S06E11 – HR Rescue: Coronavirus (Covid-19): Discrimination and Accommodation Considerations

HR Rescue Podcast

As employers everywhere confront the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, they are finding it a constant challenge to protect the health and safety of their workforce; protect the privacy of employee medical information and comply with federal antidiscrimination laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Title VII) and […]

S06E09 – HR Rescue: LGBTQ+ Protections Expanded Nationwide: Time For Employers To Act

HR Rescue Podcast

Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is prohibited nationwide.  The Supreme Court ruled in June 2020 that terminating an employee merely being gay or transgender is discrimination based on sex in violation of Title VII.  In light of this ruling, employers that do not already prohibit discrimination based […]