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The HR Rescue podcast is hosted by Human Resource expert Jenni Stone MHRM, SHRM-CP, PHR where she addresses some of the most common HR issues within every small business. Whether you are a newly certified HR professional, business owner or office manager these simple tips can help keep your business in compliance and help prevent a minor issue from becoming a serious problem.

S07E03 – HR Rescue: How to Address Restroom and Locker Room Use by Transgender Employees

HR Rescue Podcast

Employees who are transgender, transitioning, intersex or cross-dressers may present a challenge to employers when it comes to employee restrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities. Employers should know how to handle such issues and be prepared to address the needs of such individuals as well as their co-workers in order […]

S07E02 – HR Rescue: Episode 100: DEI. Words matter. Actions matter. Listening matters. Curiosity matters. Compassion matters. A conversation with Tanya Gibson

HR Rescue Podcast

Today’s guest is Tanya Gibson, PHR (she/her/hers). She is the VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and HR at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Tanya believes that it’s important for companies looking to rework their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies make bold choices that last longer than just a moment. […]

S07E01 – How to Address An Employee’s Refusal To Wear A Mask During The Pandemic

HR Rescue Podcast

As employers operate during the COVID-19 pandemic and implement safety and health precautions throughout their workplaces, one issue many are facing is noncompliance with face mask requirements. Whether employers are obligated to require mask wearing by a state or local mandate or taking it upon themselves to require them as […]

S06E15 – HR Rescue: How to Manage an Independent Contractor

HR Rescue Podcast

Independent contractors offer an employer flexibility to meet staffing demands and expertise in areas outside of the employer’s business. Like the employers that hire them, independent contractors run their own businesses, set their own schedules, balance conflicting demands and generally work in their own offices without direct supervision. Independent contractors […]