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HR Works Podcast 266: Can Predictive Intelligence Unlock the Talent Market?

Guest: Thomas Leeper, Vice President of Client Services at Sevenstep What are successful talent acquisition and hiring teams doing differently to address the latest challenges of the labor market? Could predictive workforce intelligence tools and talent analytics be the difference makers for the organizations looking to attract top-talent in the […]

HR Works Podcast Presents Pages of HR: How to Deal with Ageism in the Workplace (Part II)

In last month‘s Pages of HR, I chatted with Patti Temple Rocks. Over the course of her four-decade career in the communications industry, Temple Rocks has held senior leadership positions in different sectors including PR, advertising, and the corporate client side. Patti is also an inspirational leader, builder of teams, creative thinker, […]

HR Works Podcast 264: From IC to Manager – Setting Your Newest Leaders Up for Success

Guest: Dr. Trish Holliday, Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Services at Nashville Electric Service (NES) What are some of the biggest challenges facing new managers transitioning from roles as individual contributors into managerial and leadership positions? What skill gaps need to be immediately addressed to prepare new managers […]

HR Works Podcast 259: Powered by AI – Shaping the Future of Your Workforce Training

Guest: Marc Ramos, Chief Learning Officer at Cornerstone How has the emergence of generative AI impacted employee upskilling and training initiatives? What are some innovative ways that L&D leaders can utilize technology for the skills development and growth of their workforce? In this week’s episode of the HR Works Podcast, […]