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The Impact Makers Podcast with Jennifer McClure is a weekly podcast for people who are interested in making a positive difference in the world not only through their work, but also through how they choose to live their lives.

064: Creating Career Pathways to Unlock Opportunity for the Workforce of the Future with Matthew Daniel

Are you retaining talent by developing and moving them into other opportunities that benefit both their career and the organization? Data shows that the more we invest in developing and seeing those opportunities for other people to move around the organization, the greater the loyalty to the company, and the […]

063: Defining Return on Workforce Investment in the Future of Work with Dr. Alexander Alonso

Recently, there has been a significant drop in leadership engagement levels, and leaders have now begun to feel the effects of everyone’s struggles during the pandemic.  There’s also a new phenomenon called “quiet quitting,” and a recent poll suggests that leaders are much more likely to engage in quiet quitting […]

062: Increasing Productivity, Profits, and Retention by Improving Employee Engagement

In this time of The Great Resignation, companies are finding ways to increase productivity and improve retention through improving employee engagement.  Culture plays a crucial part. However, that is not just the job of HR, the CEO, or the executive team. Every single employee has a responsibility because they will […]