Category: Nine to Thrive HR

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Building a Competitive Edge: Employee Experience as a Business Strategy

In this episode of “Nine to Thrive HR,” host Cindi Koetzle speaks with Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer at isolved, to explore the crucial role of employee experience and expectations in today’s business and HR landscapes. Celia shares her journey in tech marketing and her transition to isolved, highlighting the […]

Grow Beyond Pain: A Conversation with Amrita Subramanian

Cindi welcomes Amrita Subramanian, a former Fortune 500 VP with decades devoted to helping organizations thrive amid crisis. Amrita shares her personal journey from a convent upbringing with selective mutism to becoming a professor teaching post-crisis leadership. Our discussion delves into Amrita’s recent study exploring the profound insights of pain […]

Skills Based Talent Planning for Visibility, Opportunity and Inclusion

In this podcast episode, host Cindi Koetzle interviews Jason Cerrato, VP of Market strategy at Eightfold, about skills-based talent planning. This approach differs from traditional planning through its expansion into skills intelligence and its focus on work planned for the future. Jason explains benefits of skills-based planning including improved visibility […]