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Abeer Raza on Sustainability as a Growth Driver on the Financial, Social and Environmental Front

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO According to McKinsey, 70% of companies plan to implement sustainability projects in the next year, a significant increase from 2019’s 40%. This growing focus on sustainability benefits businesses and the environment alike, allowing companies to reduce their environmental impact, enhance their reputation, and […]

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Reconstructing Inclusion

While most of us would never dream of ostracizing our coworkers—especially those who have been historically excluded in the workplace because of their perceived “otherness”– many people routinely feel left out of workplace culture. According to DEI strategist Amri B. Johnson, it’s because truly good people, who wholeheartedly support diversity, […]

Embracing Stability in a Shifting Workforce Landscape – Unpacking the New Normal Beyond the Great Resignation

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed how employees are no longer quitting at high rates. Guest Nicole Blevins unpacks this trend. A survey found 73% of workers now plan to stay at their jobs, up 12% from last year. Blevins notes some attrition brings new ideas and enables internal […]