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Take control of your payroll function and develop your knowledge with the Payroll Podcast. Join Nick Day from JGA Payroll Recruitment as he meets with guests who are shaping the payroll industry. Cut through the confusing payroll legislation, latest technology and payroll compliance issues affecting your payroll department to discover how this short payroll podcast can improve your payroll operation. We open the Payroll Vault to uncover subjects such as GDPR, Well-Being, SaaS, Global Payroll, HMRC compliance, leadership, effective recruitment strategies, workplace psychology, payroll training, process improvements and career planning.

The Payroll Podcast: Episode 100 Special with Nick Day! #100

Wow, I cannot believe I am bringing you the 100th episode! Today I will summarise some of the critical topics The Payroll Podcast has covered. These topics include payroll tax compliance; employee benefits; the use of technology; automation; innovation; global complexities; education; payroll’s evolution from transactional operation to strategic function; […]