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We’re Only Human is a human resources podcast focused on blending research and practical advice to help today’s HR, talent, and learning leaders improve business outcomes. We have featured interviews with executives from McDonald’s, H&R Block, AlliedUniversal, and other employers, highlighting the talent practices that deliver value to the business. Hosted by Ben Eubanks
Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Interviews as a Source of Rich, Actionable Data with BrightHire on We‘re Only Human

“The job of a talent acquisition leader is actually like five or six functions put together. You’re a marketing leader doing outbound and branding. You’re a sales leader, leading a team of individuals having conversations, converting candidates, or an operations leader by coordinating and scheduling and setting up interviews through […]

Personalizing Talent Practices at an Individual Level with Juan Betancourt on We're Only Human

“Companies can now optimize things like rewards and training and development. HR and the way companies communicate with employees is going to be based on personalization.”  Juan Betancourt, CEO, Humantelligence   We’re Only Human — Episode 119   The “one size fits all” approach is being replaced with the “one […]