Category: Leadership Issues

323: The Role of Active Listening When Undergoing Organizational Change

In this episode, Heather explores the critical role of Active Listening in managing organizational change. She highlights the challenges of change, including uncertainty and fear, and emphasizes that Active Listening goes beyond simply hearing to understanding emotions and perspectives.   Research shows gender gaps in feeling heard at work and […]

321: The Impact of Mission-Driven Leadership: Insights from a Healthcare CEO

In this insightful podcast episode, Anita Brikman, President and CEO of the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), shares her compelling career journey bridging healthcare advocacy and association leadership. With a background as a news anchor and medical reporter, Anita discusses the transformative shift into healthcare associations, emphasizing the importance of […]

319: An Inspiring Personal Story About Achieving Your Dreams

    In this podcast episode, Heather recounts her early inspiration from Reverend Jesse Jackson’s compelling speeches, sparking a desire to communicate with impact. Initially steering towards law, she discovered her passion for public speaking through feedback in mock trials.   Transitioning through diverse career paths, Heather honed her skills, […]

318: Is Culture Collision Costing You Customer Loyalty?

In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of “Culture Collision,” a phenomenon where there’s a significant disconnect between leadership and customers, resulting in declining sales, lost profits, and negative impacts on local communities. From startups to established corporations, no organization is immune to this challenge, which demands urgent attention […]

317: Is Culture Clash Making Your Employees Unhappy?

In today’s episode, we delve into the intricate dynamics of “Culture Clash” within organizations, where unexpected events like mergers or layoffs disrupt the harmony between leadership and employees, sending shockwaves through the company and impacting customer satisfaction.   As an advocate for effective leadership and organizational well-being, I shed light […]

316: Is Culture Slip Unknowingly Infiltrating Your Company Culture?

 In this episode, Heather delves into the often overlooked threat of “Culture Slip” within organizations, where even the most well-intentioned companies can fall victim to its subtle erosion of workplace culture. Through three key steps rooted in the principles of Caring Leadership, she explores how leaders can identify and combat […]

315: How Organizational Culture Deteriorates And What To Do About It

In this podcast episode, Heather challenges the belief that organizational culture is fixed by introducing a dynamic 3-step model – Culture Slip, Culture Clash, and Culture Collision. Culture Slip, described as a subtle erosion beneath the surface, is recognized as a silent culture crusher that demands strategic attention.   Culture […]

314: Why Focusing on Work-Life Integration and Not Balance is Key to Success 

Join us in this insightful episode with Michael A. Grace, President of West Virginia University Hospitals, as he shares over 25 years of healthcare leadership experience. From his role at UPMC Mercy Hospital to his current position, Grace discusses the philosophy of work-life integration, the transformative power of loving what […]

702: How Companies Like Google, and Alibaba Respond to Fast-Moving Markets

Dave Ulrich, professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, argues today’s companies need to replace old hierarchical models with he calls a “market-oriented ecosystem.” From research at Alibaba, Google, Huawei, Supercell, and others, he shows the impressive results of orienting teams and processes toward market opportunities. Ulrich […]