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From the team at Proven.

Double Barrel Design: Merging Architecture and Design to Form a New Venture in Austin, Texas | Megan Willin and Chelsea Scharbach

Two badass designer women got together in Austin, Texas to create Double Barrel Design. Megan Willin and Chelsea Scharbach merged their skills to create a firm that does space design (think 3D and architectural interior design) with 2D graphic design. Their work is awesome…and so is their story! Got to […]

Digital Marketer + Wizard Academy: Building Your Brand’s Character and Using Cutting Edge Small Business Digital Marketing Tactics | Ryan Deiss

Wow…I got to sit down with Ryan Deiss! Ryan is one of my personal influences and one of the foremost digital marketing experts in the world.  We talk about how to build your brand as a comic book or movie  character, and how that builds the foundation for everything you […]