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In this weekly show, international employer brand leaders, rebels, and innovators share their favourite tactics and strategies. From challenger brands with momentum – to leading companies such as GE, Walmart, Virgin Media and Vodafone. Hosted by Jorgen Sundberg.

How a Unique Onboarding Process Activates Twilio’s Core Values

Stephanie Alofoje was nervous. Not only did she have to build an app that interfaced with Yelp’s API, but she also had to present it to the entire organization. Plus, she’s not a developer or product manager—she’s Twilio’s Director of Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, and she was in […]

A 90-Year-Old Multinational Business with a New EVP

Baxter International is a 90-year-old multinational healthcare organization with 60,000 employees, headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. You’ve probably used a Baxter product at some point in your life, even if you didn’t realize it, especially if you’ve ever had an IV. However, they hadn’t exactly been aware of or in the […]

How PepsiCo Uses Data to Evolve Its Employer Brand

One of the key challenges that comes with working in employer brand is measuring sentiment. For Shana Andrews, the Senior Manager of Global Employer Brand at PepsiCo, this challenge is even more daunting because of the size and scope of the organization. “When I was a PR practitioner, I remember […]

An EVP with Purposeful Work at Its Core

Time after time on the Employer Branding Podcast, the people we talk to bring up the importance of being the sort of organization your employees are proud to be a part of. In fact, a pre-pandemic LinkedIn survey found that 71% of professionals would be willing to take a pay […]