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How to Launch an EVP for Eight Brands Simultaneously

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Employer brand leaders know how difficult it can be to unify an entire brand under one employer value proposition. But what if your brand isn’t a single organization but a family of several brands, each with its own priorities, competitors, and target candidates? […]

Episode 31: Hiring for Potential with AI—The Future of Talent Acquisition & Management

Episode Description This week we welcome Ashutosh Garg to the podcast. Ashutosh is CEO & Co-founder of, the first Talent Intelligence Platform to address the talent gap by harnessing the power of AI and search, and Founder of Bloomreach, a leading vendor for Digital Experience Platforms. Prior to founding […]

12 Job Description Tools

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Creating and crafting good looking job descriptions is no small task. These dozen tools promise to make that job easier. RecruitLab: Job Page Grader: Canva: PosterMyWall: Click here to view Monster: Click here to view ( Cliquify: Vizirecruiter: […]

After 20 Years Hiring at American Eagle – The Current Retail Landscape

Welcome to the Recruitment Hackers podcast. A show about innovations, technology and leaders in the recruitment industry. Brought to you by Talk push the leading recruitment automation platform.Max: All right. Hello everybody. Welcome back to the recruitment hackers podcast. I’m your host Max Armbruster and today. On the show. I’ve […]