Category: Recruiting Animal

The Recruiting Animal Show features Michael Keleman, Gerry Albright and a cast of other third party recruiters. Get ready, it’s a rowdy time.

Alan Fluhrer, All-Round Recruiter

@ALANFLUHRER — LINKEDIN:   LinkedIn Recruiter Admin and power user. Strong experience in Recruitment and Staffing, Consultation, Diversity Relations, Project Management, Systems Implementations, Process Design, Compliance, Sourcing, Research, Event Management, Vendor Management, Recruiting Marketing/Media, SEO, Social Networking Tools, Surveys, Email Deliverability, Recruiting Metrics and Measures. “Alan and his team are the […]

Matt Gibbs, Co-Founder of

@MattJamesGibbs — LINKEDIN: Recruiterly is a community-driven, industry-specific digital ecosystem that helps both individual recruiters & companies to build their brand in a way that differentiates them as experts in their given markets, thanks to these 3 primary facets: Verified & rated public recruiter profiles that uniquely showcase industry expertise […]

Michelle Letherby, Agency Recruiter

@LETHERBYS — LINKEDIN:  Almost 20 years – Recruitment, International Search, Executive Search, Job Finder, Career Builder, Business Development – UK & Overseas (UAE, Africa, Europe). Career Coach and Career Performance.  Michelle Letherby is an International Recruiter, Executive Career, and Business Coach, founder of Career Clear and Director of Letherbys […]

Martin Dangerfield, Global Head of Recruitment, Resourcing and People

@MDangerfield — LINKEDIN — COMPANY  I’m a seasoned recruiter, leader and strategist (with a small ‘s’).  With a straight-talking, results-focused approach I have recruited on a Global, Regional and Local level, creating and leading teams of recruiters and HR professionals in multiple locations.  In addition to continually reviewing the market […]