Category: Recruiting Future

Hosted by Matt Alder.

Ep 537: Strategic Workforce Planning

One of the key themes I’ve observed emerging over the last few years is the need for employers to think about talent holistically. To achieve this, progressive organisations are already breaking down the barriers between talent acquisition, talent management and L&D. The central tenet is Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). So […]

Ep 534: AI & Executive Search

The potential impact of AI on Talent Acquisition is 2023’s biggest talking point, but what impact will these new technologies have on relationship-driven hiring at the top of organizations? Will AI disrupt executive search or just provide a better toolset? At the same time, how are the next generation of […]

Ep 533: Engaging With Top Talent

Despite months of layoffs and challenging economic news, engaging with top talent is still very hard. It’s even harder if you are hiring for an employer with very little profile or brand awareness in your target talent markets. So what strategies are employers using to engage with top talent, and […]