Category: Recruiting Trailblazers

Marcus Edwwardes interviews Leaders, Top Producers and Pioneers from the Recruiting Industry. A fascinating insight for Recruiters, Job-Seekers and Talent Acquisition professionals; and a chance to and learn about the mindset, method and magic of some of the most successful people in the Recruiting profession.

Joe Kotch: Talent Acquisition, Agency Recruiting and Everything In-Between!

In this episode of ‘Recruiting Trailblazers’, host Marcus Edwardes sits down with Joe Kotch, a 30 year veteran of the recruitment industry with extensive experience across various sectors. Their engaging and insightful conversation traverses the landscape of the recruitment business; covering internal and external recruitment dynamics, relationship building, the impact […]

Marta Riggins: How Employer Branding Fuels Recruiting, Engagement and Success

Here is a summary article of the conversation between host Marcus Edwardes and Employer Brand Specialist – Marta Riggins. “Unlocking Success: Crafting a Magnetic Employer Brand” In today’s competitive job market, building a magnetic employer brand is paramount. It acts as a beacon, attracting top talent by showcasing a compelling […]

Amanda Halle: Unraveling AI for TA & Recruiters.

Amanda is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Growth Partners.  She specializes in equipping people and businesses with the skills, processes, and tools to be future-ready, sustainable organizations. Her approach is anchored in fostering transparency, adaptability, and conscious decision-making, ensuring individuals and teams not only navigate but excel amidst change. […]