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As leaders of the industry it’s our duty to keep the recruitment professionals up to day on the best practices.

A good way to find out is by learning what industry leaders are up to. The Recruitment Hackers Podcast features thought leaders and influencers in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing and sourcing professionals, where they discuss strategies, technology, and insights proven to elevate the candidate and recruiter experience alike.

Each episode delves into the stages of the candidate journey, where you’ll find clear actions you can take to optimize your processes and delight your candidates through automation, messaging, and get closer to the “perfect recruiting tech stack.” The future of recruitment is happening right now, and this podcast is here to help you adapt and thrive with a digitally-minded strategy built to connect with your talent pool in more engaging ways than ever before.

Hiring for Security, A Streamlined System Aligned to Company Values – Diana Trasolini from Paladin Security

Max: Hello and welcome back to the Recruitment Hackers podcast. I’m your host Max Armbruster and today on the show, I’m pleased to welcome Diana Trasolini from Paladin Security, Vice President of People and culture at Paladin Security, which is a company that hires, well as the name suggests, hires […]

Workplace Wellbeing: Flexibility, Tools and Learning — Bianca Striniguini, KPMG

Max: Welcome back to the Recruitment Hackers Podcast. I’m your host, Max Armbruster, and today on the show I’m delighted to welcome Bianca Stringuini. Bianca is a specialist in inclusion and culture, and has worked for some of the leading employers in the world, some of the Fortune 500 companies […]

Talent Systems Architects: Investing in Experience and Learning – Wagner Denuzzo, Prudential Financial

MAX: All right, good morning, welcome back everybody to the Recruitments Hackers Podcast. Today on the show I’m delighted to welcome Wagner Denuzzo, Head of Capabilities for future of work at Prudential Financial, who has led some initiatives at Prudential around the future of work for the transformation of talent, […]