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Strong Suit is the playbook for recruiting rockstars. Learn how to hire twice as fast… With half the mistakes… Before paying a headhunter.

Strong Suit 244: This Team is Cracking the Code on Targeting Customers

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Precision targeting… Imagine if you had a map that showed you where your target customers actually made their decisions to buy.  Christopher “Toph” Day is Co-Founder & CEO of DemandJump. Based in Indianapolis, Toph’s team helps marketers outmaneuver their competition & double their marketing performance using the Traffic Cloud Customer Acquisition […]

Strong Suit 239: How The Heck Do You Hire For Hypergrowth?

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Jett McCandless is CEO & Co-Founder of project44, one of Chicago’s fastest-growing companies. Launched in 2014, project44’s technology provides companies with increased visibility into their supply chain. In addition to tracking shipments from port to loading dock, the company’s technology provides solutions for pricing, payments, scheduling, and analytics. And it’s […]

Strong Suit 238: The Harsh Realities of Recruiting Rockstar Talent in Today’s Silicon Valley

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Sahil Sahni is doing the impossible. After leaving McKinsey & Company and Techstars, he’s co-founded a fast-growing AI company. And against the odds, he’s recruiting top-talent in Silicon Valley…ground zero of the war for talent. AllyO is an AI technology company that is transforming recruiting through intelligent automation. It’s an […]