Category: The Changing State of Talent Acquisition

The world of talent acquisition is in a constant state of change. The smartest companies are continually evaluating their tools, processes, and marketing strategies to find better ways to attract top talent. We go beyond the generalist topics you find on legacy HR-related news sources. Each week we’ll dive deep into articles, people, and themes that impact The Changing State of Talent Acquisition.

Episode 17: You Are What You Reward — How Incentives Reveal Your Employer Brand

Episode Description This week we welcome James Ellis to the podcast. A self-proclaimed employer branding “nerd”, James is a leading voice in the world of talent acquisition, having led talent brand initiatives at GroupOn and Universum before assuming his latest role at Roku. He’s also the author of several books, […]

Episode 16: Doing Good By Doing Well—The Importance of Prioritizing Candidate Experience

Episode Description This week we welcome Ed Pedini to the podcast. Ed has worn numerous hats in the HR space, from practice director at an RPO helping start-ups scale their workforces, to Co-Founder of, an employee experience solution, to his current role as Director of Customer Success at SeekOut, […]

Episode 15: Thinking Outside the CRM Box—Candidate Nurturing & Talent Pipelines of the Future

Episode Description This week we welcome Adam Gordon to the podcast. Adam’s career in talent acquisition spans more than twenty years, from his early days sourcing accountants as a frontline recruiter, to a stint at PWC as a consultant in the organisation’s HR practice, to his current role as Co-Founder […]

Episode 14: Alternative Education Paths & New Approaches to Diversity Hiring

Episode Description This week we discuss Google’s announcement of its plans to disrupt the higher education market by offering skill-focused certifications for as little as $49/month. We also announce our new initiative,, for bringing equal opportunity jobs to underrepresented talent where they already “live” online. Topics include: the fundamental […]

Episode 13: The Future of Assessments and the Candidate Experience

Episode Description This week we welcome Bas van de Haterd to the podcast. Bas proudly identifies as a “professional snoop” — a title that captures his more than 15 years of experience as an HR consultant, candidate assessment and experience expert, and frequent conference speaker. Topics include: the myriad dimensions […]