LinkedIn’s Message to Recruiters

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Hold onto your resumes, wage slaves, because The Weekly Show’s about to launch. This week’s itinerary? Corporate drama as spicy as sriracha lattes:

LinkedIn’s Labyrinth: Remember stalking profiles like paparazzi? Now it’s paywalled, like a Kardashian’s closet. Moneybags Mania: Buckle up for a cash explosion! Huler’s McDucking it, Ceridian’s playing Monopoly with learning platforms, and DailyPay’s got a billion-dollar piggy bank. Your salary? A rounding error. Job Board Jeopardy: Hold onto your FlexJobs! snatched it like a free croissant at a networking event. Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated might be taking a dirt nap thanks to The Arena Group’s fumble. Are

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