Google Gemini for HR, The Talent Labor Index, Indeed’s Agility, Eightfold’s AI, and Workvivo bails out Meta

the BARF

In this episode Ryan Leary and William Tincup debate Google Gemini for HR, The Talent Labor Index, Indeed’s Agility, Eightfold’s AI, and Workvivo bail out of Meta workspace. Key Takeaways from this Episode Google Gemini for HR Indeed’s recognition of agility Eightfold’s native ATS built on AI Workvivo and Meta 6 […]

The Backlash Against DEI Filled with Passion!!) In today’s episode Aj breaks down yet another way organizations can think about “repacking DEI resources and overall efforts”. Go to Podcast/Show Page

TRF in Silicon Valley

recruitment flex podcast This week on TRF we cover: Coming to you from Silicon Valley where we were greeted by the CEO of Linked In, Ryan Roslansky. Serge killed it on the pickle ball court! Tune in May 24 at 2 pm ET as we discuss the agenda for TATech – the […]

The Future of HR-Tech 004 (Scaling Individualism) today’s episode Aj shares his thoughts on why he feels organizations should allow HR Tech sales professionals to build relationships with the HR community in the ways that most behooves the individual and creates the most productivity! Go to Podcast/Show Page

Will McGhee: Productizing Your Recruiting Value-Prop to Win episode of Recruiting Trailblazers with Marcus Edwardes features a deep dive into the evolving world of recruitment with guest Will McGee.  Will McGhee has over a decade of top performing agency recruiting experience under his belt. Averaging over 500k yearly billing and now the Founder of Recruiting With Dynamite […]

Unpacking the Insights: A Deep Dive into Qualtrics X4 the Insights: A Deep Dive into Qualtrics X4  Hosts: Jack McFarlane & Nick Schlemmer This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talk about key insights from Qualtrics X4: The Experience Management Summit in Salt Lake City, UT. – AI, customer satisfaction, and feedback in the organization […]

Indeed Layoffs, Eightfold ATS & More just released new research from The Upwork Research Institute revealing the ongoing growth of freelancing among Gen Z professionals along with their shifting priorities, expectations, and motivations for work. Word just broke that Indeed is laying off 1,000 workers mainly in its U. S. operations. Eightfold AI, […]

ENCORE: How to Harness the Workplace Power of Introverted People

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO is an encore podcast presentation previously aired on February 12th, 2021. Did you know that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk identify as introverts? Like countless others with this trait, they’ve leveraged their capacity to listen attentively, maintain objectivity, and navigate […]

Indeed Layoffs, ZipRecruiter Cat Turds & Eightfold Smoke and Mirrors This week, the boys discuss various topics including Indeed’s layoffs, the ban on lab-grown meat in Alabama, Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech, and the financial struggles of ZipRecruiter. They also dig into the introduction of Eightfold Talent Tracking, and the partnership between Stack Overflow and Indeed. They express their disappointment […]

Ep 615: Building Inclusive Hiring Practices

Inclusive hiring is vital to building inclusive organizations, and the benefits of getting it right are considerable, both at a human and a business level. Recognizing bias, standardizing hiring manager behavior, and analyzing data are just some of the things employers need to consider to be more inclusive in their […]

Shredded: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Upwork, Fiverr, Anthropos, Sona, Worky, Sesame, AimHi Earth & More The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase. Go To Podcast/Show Page

Bridging the Gap Between Technology, Education, and Workplace Culture with Al Kingsley

HR Chat podcast this HRchat episode we look at the evolving dynamics of workplace culture, the importance of empowering employees, and why more autonomy and trust from leaders can lead to higher levels of employee performance. Our guest this time is Al Kingsley, a well-known EdTech expert and business leader. Al has […]

Redefining Success in HR: Beyond the Degree and Into Real-World Experience us a Text Message. Ever wonder if climbing the HR career ladder requires a framed diploma on your wall? Think again. In a candid exploration of the evolving landscape of human resources, I, Warren, debunk the myth that a degree is the golden ticket to success in HR. With […]

How Companies can be ready for the Next Talent Pool – Attracting Digital Nomad Talent, Remote Workers and Purpose

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO an estimated 7 million pre-pandemic in 2019, the digital nomad population soared to over 15.5 million by 2021, and projections indicate a staggering increase to over 35 million by 2023, marking a fivefold surge in just four years. Beyond their tech-savvy skills, […]