Sex at the office! Is it a wonderful thing?

[Original air date: 12.10.08]  Jim and Karen have dubbed this episode “The Sex Show” and this is why: Doctors say that office parties bring unwanted pregnancies and STDs. (Who knew it was such a busy season for them?) Plus, a Hilton employee walks in on a (literal) orgy of Hilton company execs, informs HR and gets fired. She is now suing for the big bucks. Jim says, “Wow, my last office party was pretty lame in comparison” and Karen explains the level of comfort (and other unwritten rules) that are required to participate in an orgy. (Umm… how does she know?) Yeah, this is one of our weirdest podcasts to date. Enjoy… Tune in for one of the weirdest podcasts yet. | This episode is for MATURE AUDIENCES.

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