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Ep 595: Proving The Value Of Talent Acquisition

These are turbulent times for talent acquisition, particularly for those teams operating in the technology sector. Despite the continuing demand for technology skills, layoffs are still happening, with many TA teams now considerably downsized from where they were a couple of years ago. Proving TA’s strategic and monetary value has […]

Ep 591: Is AI Changing Jobseeker Behaviour?

Conversations about AI’s impact on recruiting tend to focus entirely on the employer and recruiter viewpoint. However, it may well be that the most potent force of change for talent acquisition comes from AI-facilitated shifts in jobseeker behaviour. Employers are already seeing a rise in applications they suspect are being […]

Ep 589: Talent Acquisition As A Competitive Advantage

As the debates about the future of talent acquisition rumble on, it’s important to focus intensely on the critical value effective hiring brings to the organization. Talent remains a key differentiator that drives competitive advantage for a company, and this will be even more true in the future. My guest […]

Ep 586: Removing Silos to Improve Hiring and Retention

The ever-shortening shelf life of skills, fast-changing business priorities, ageing populations, and changing attitudes to work means that retaining the right talent is not only more difficult than ever, it is also likely to remain so for years to come. It’s not surprising, then, that Talent Leaders are starting to […]

Ep 585: Embracing Automation

As I’ve said before, automation is inevitable in talent acquisition. Automation can bring essential efficiencies and a vastly improved and personalized experience for everyone when done correctly. The question shouldn’t be, do we automate; instead, TA and HR leaders need to ask what we automate and how we do it. […]

Ep 582: Employer Branding With Gen AI

Most of the conversation around generative AI in 2023 has focused on its potential and future long-term strategic impact. However, many talent acquisition teams have been doing some hands-on experimentation with the tools to see what is achievable right now. My guests this week are Bryan Peereboom, Head of Recruitment […]

Findem Integrates Generative AI into Its Talent Data Cloud, Brings Unmatched Intelligence to Talent Acquisition and Management


With generative AI backed by three-dimensional talent data only available through Findem, HR teams can get answers to questions no one else can answer SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2023 – Findem, the only AI talent acquisition and management solution powered by attribute-based talent intelligence, is giving talent teams a competitive […]

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Quite recently, I had the very good fortune of connecting with Swathi Young on LinkedIn the other day. She is the founder of TechNotch solutions, a technology strategy and management consulting company in Washington, DC. Swathi Young helps companies leverage the power of machine learning to solve business problems; for […]