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Ep 526: Building The Business Case for TA Technology

Effective technology is a critical pillar of any TA strategy, and with the current unprecedented pace of innovation, regularly reviewing the tech stack is essential to success. However, securing a budget for new technologies can be difficult with the challenging economic backdrop. So what can TA Leaders do to ensure […]

Ep 520: Human Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the things that makes humans human. In recruitment marketing and employer branding, stories persuade, create empathy and drive the emotional connections that make people take action. With the rise of automation and generative AI, human-based storytelling will likely be a critical differentiator between employers. So do […]

Ep 519: Recruiterless Recruiting?

I recently hosted a webinar on the future of talent acquisition and asked the audience to consider this question. Will there ever be as many recruiters again as there were in August 2022? The arrival of universally available generative AI and a harsh economic climate has caused the perfect storm […]

Ep 517: Aligning Benefits To Values

For many companies, remote and hybrid working has spotlighted compensation and benefits strategies. How do you determine pay levels for the same job across different national and international geographies, and how can you use benefits as a talent magnet when some traditional location-based benefits are no longer as relevant? My […]

Ep 516: The Changing Workforce

The balance of the workforce is changing. Remote working, talent scarcity and evolving attitudes to jobs and careers are driving the increasing use of contractors, freelancers and fractional workers. However, the practicalities of managing this changing workforce are significant, including everything from building a culture to ensuring everyone gets paid […]

Ep 513: Building Connection In A Hybrid World

One of the biggest challenges of remote and hybrid working is the lack of face-to-face connection that humans need to be fully engaged and productive. This is always one of the main arguments for employers attempting to return their workers to the office. However, the advantages of remote and hybrid […]