Tag: Candidate Experience

Ep 447: Dealing With Disruption

Back in 2020, there was an acknowledgement that talent acquisition had changed forever but a sense that things would eventually stabilise into a new normal. Two and half years later, it is clear that the only new normal is continual long-term disruption, change and uncertainty. So what should TA leaders […]

Ep 446: The Competitive Advantage Of Employee Experience

Many employers will claim to be people-centric organisations, but how many actually have the quality of employer experience to back this up? A high-quality employee experience dries value for businesses in many ways, including competitive advantage in talent acquisition, better retention, increased productivity and better service for clients and customers. […]

Ep 434: Personalization (Part One)

Those of you who have read my book Digital Talent (available wherever you get your books!) will know that I feel very strongly that personalization is the new megatrend in talent acquisition. Offering personalized recruitment marketing, candidate journies, assessments, feedback, onboarding, and communication will be critical objectives for employers over […]

Ep 432: Long Term Trends

After over two years of unprecedented disruption, it has become evident that things have changed forever. However, many employers are still attempting to stick with the talent acquisition and employee experience strategies they had before the pandemic. So what are the dangers of behaving as if nothing has changed, and […]

Ep 423: Perfecting The Candidate Experience

Delivering a high-quality candidate experience isn’t easy, but it has arguably never been more critical with the recruiting challenges employers are now experiencing. Over all the years that candidate experience has been an industry talking point, what has become clear to me is that it is fundamentally a strategic rather […]