Tag: Diversity and Inclusion

Ep 479: Neurodiversity Hiring At Microsoft

I published three interviews in October to mark National Disability Employment Awareness month. What particularly struck me was the amount of work going into neurodiversity hiring, and I want to dive deeper by finding out how specific employers are developing their programs. My guest this week is Neil Barnett, Director, […]

Ep 473: The Power Of Difference

DE&I remains a major priority for employers, but progress is slow and sometimes completely stuck. So how should companies be thinking about diversity, and what practical actions can they take to build and benefit from teams of difference? My guest this week is writer, broadcaster and consultant Simon Fanshawe. Simon […]

Ep 472: Inclusive Assessment

As the move towards skills-based hiring intensifies, the role of assessment tools is becoming increasingly important. As employers focus on being more inclusive, it is critical to understand how the science behind assessment tools works to support this. My guest this week is Kristin Allen, Senior Manager of Psychometrics at […]

Ep 464: Optimization, Automation and Augmentation

As talent acquisition rapidly adapts to disruptive times, innovative ways of working and new technologies are being adopted at an unprecedented pace. So, where are the most successful TA teams focusing and what are the mindset shifts we are now seeing in the industry? My guest this week is Will […]

Ep 459: Underrepresented Communities of Talent

Effectively attracting, selecting and hiring people from underrepresented and marginalised groups is something that many employers aspire to. Unfortunately, only very few have the right strategies and resources in place to be set up for success. Having the right partners to work with is critical if companies are to truly […]