Tag: Diversity and Inclusion

Ep 559: Wellness, Culture, Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting and retaining the right talent continues to be highly challenging for many organisations. Understanding the key drivers here is critical for any company that wants to achieve a competitive talent advantage. It’s starting to become clear that the impact of prioritising wellbeing on an organisation’s culture is significant enough […]

Ep 557: The Complexity of Talent Acquisition

When discussing talent market challenges and recruiting technology trends, we often refer to talent acquisition as a homogeneous activity with common challenges and processes. However, many organisations have highly complex hiring operations that deal with challenges that can be as unique as the employers themselves. My guest this week is […]

Ep 548: Rethinking Background Checks

We’ve featured several employers on the show with recruiting strategies focusing on hiring people with criminal histories. All of these employers have spoken about the benefits for the people they hire, the benefits they get from reaching new talent pools and the benefits for society as a whole. Despite this […]