Tag: Diversity and Inclusion

How an Experience Management Company Approaches its Employee Experience

One question that changes depending on who you talk to is where employer branding sits in the organization. For some companies, it belongs to HR. For others, it belongs under marketing. For Qualtrics, however, it’s called People Brand and sits in the People Operations team, which comprises HR, Talent Acquisition, […]

Ep 407: Science Driven Talent Intelligence

Talent intelligence is something that has gathered significant momentum in the last three years, and data-driven decision making is a crucial part of every sophisticated talent acquisition function. But are we asking enough questions about the sources of the data that is used and truly understanding the risk of bias? […]

Ep 406: A CEO’s Perspective On Remote Work

Whatever form it eventually takes, remote working is here to stay. In the previous episode of the show, we explored the challenges and opportunities of building a global remote team; in this episode, I wanted to get the hands-on perspective of someone who has built a highly successful remote-first company. […]

Ep 404: The Great Opportunity

It’s only January, and it’s already clear that the Great resignation will continue to be a huge talking point in 2022 as companies fight for the talent and skills they need. However, some employers are already reframing this challenge as a fantastic opportunity to attract talented people they might not […]

Why DE&I Starts with Your Team

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) has become a hot topic for businesses. Job seekers are increasingly looking for more than a competitive salary and good benefits. Employees and prospective hires alike want to be part of an organization that is a force for good in an increasingly chaotic world. That’s […]

Ep 400: Future Forces

When I launched this podcast almost six years ago, I had an expectation that I was in it for the long haul, but I couldn’t have imagined that 400 episodes later, I would be publishing two episodes a week, and the audience would still be growing. Thank you for listening […]

Ep 397: Digital Leadership

Digital transformation remains a crucial issue for most organisations. The pandemic has exponentially accelerated the pace of change, with companies scrambling to supply products and services to meet the demands of our increasingly digital economy. The need for digital skills and continuing issues of gender diversity are two of the […]