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How an Experience Management Company Approaches its Employee Experience

One question that changes depending on who you talk to is where employer branding sits in the organization. For some companies, it belongs to HR. For others, it belongs under marketing. For Qualtrics, however, it’s called People Brand and sits in the People Operations team, which comprises HR, Talent Acquisition, […]

How Internal Mobility Creates a Strong Employer Value Proposition

The global pandemic has changed the hiring landscape. Candidates are looking for more flexibility, better work-life balance, and are increasingly centering on things other than their career goals and salary expectations. Most importantly, a recent poll by CNBC shows that over 50% of respondents want to make a career change […]

Why DE&I Starts with Your Team

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) has become a hot topic for businesses. Job seekers are increasingly looking for more than a competitive salary and good benefits. Employees and prospective hires alike want to be part of an organization that is a force for good in an increasingly chaotic world. That’s […]

How Frontline Candidates’ Expectations Have Changed Post-COVID

Halting business as usual during COVID has led many organizations to reevaluate what they owe employees and customers. We talked to Briana Gosselin, an employment brand manager at Sodexo, to learn how the food services and facilities management company attracts new frontline employees. Many candidates are hesitant to put themselves […]

Why KPIs Are Critical to Employer Branding

When you’re building an employer brand, you face a number of hurdles. It can be difficult to delineate between what is and is not your job. Your role may sit anywhere between corporate marketing, internal communications, and corporate branding. No matter where in the organization you sit, you also face […]

How One B2C Organization Revamped its Approach to Recruiting

Like many businesses, Swisscom was trying to hire IT and engineering talent. However, in a tight jobs market, the telecommunications organization struggled to compete against top tech companies. “We are mainly associated with being a government company and with our B2C telco products, and both things are not necessarily attractive […]

How to Combine Marketing, Branding, and Employee Messaging

Many people working in employer branding will tell you that a key part of the job is building coalitions with adjacent departments such as corporate branding, internal communications, and corporate marketing. For Elena Aylott, VP of global employee experience, and Jenny Andersson, creative director for internal communications and employer branding […]