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The Keys to a Great Employer Branding Content Team

For any employer branding team, content is going to play a key role in how you get your employer value proposition (EVP) across to potential employees. The problem is that content creation can often feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill, trying fruitlessly to catch up on endless content calendars […]

How Large, Global Brands Challenge Assumptions with Employer Branding

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft: these are large, global companies that don’t have any trouble recruiting top tech talent because they’re, well, extremely well-known tech companies. However, as digital transformation has rapidly accelerated in the wake of 2020, everybody is looking to attract tech talent, including global brands you might not […]

Why Social Impact and Business Impact Go Hand in Hand

The landscape of what matters to employees has changed. Prospective employees don’t just want to know if your organization is a good place to work, but also whether or not you’re doing good in the world. Social impact has become a measuring stick for your employer brand, and top talent […]

How Top Tech Talent’s Values Have Shifted Post-Pandemic

Standing out to top tech talent used to be all about the perks your business could offer. Tech companies offered amenities like yoga classes, gyms, restaurant-quality food, nap pods, game rooms, and more. In the post-pandemic world, however, those types of perks don’t mean much to potential hires. The proliferation […]

Why Employee Advocacy Is More Important Than Ever in a Post-Pandemic World

When it comes to your employer brand, your strongest advocates are often the people who live it day-in and day-out—your employees. But wanting a strong employee advocacy presence is one thing. Actually making it happen involves a lot of hard work and strategizing. The benefits of having your team vouch […]